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12 True Crime Podcasts by Black Podcasters

A List of True-Crime Podcasts Hosted by Black Podcasters

Black true crime podcasters

I am obsessed with True Crime, as I mentioned, I often use True Crime podcasts as my way to unwind and fall asleep to. That being said, when I reviewed my list of subscribed podcasts, I realised I was lacking an important element; black podcasters. 

So I went to Twitter and asked for suggestions. Twitter user @truecrimez_com hooked me up with a very detailed list to get me started. 

So here is a list of 12 true crime podcasts by black true crime podcasters. 

Quiet as it’s Kept

Meet at the corner of mess and murder. A true crime/comedy podcast for Black women by Black women

Book of Lies

Two Sisters talking frauds, fakes and phonies who lie lie lie!

Blood and Firewater

Take a shot of true crime stories and chase it with tequila.

Mysterious Black Girl

Talk about True Crime, Oddities, and other things that don’t make sense like mythical folktales. Presented by: your token weird black girl.

Killer Kids- Murderous Minors

Bringing tales of killer kids. #DontBeScared

Sinister Silhouettes

A true-crime podcast that explores the illicit, the sordid, and the downright conniving acts that one person can commit against another

Noir True Crime Files

A true-crime podcast dedicated to covering criminal cases in the black community

Murder History Girls

Murder History Girls is a true-crime comedy podcast hosted by sisters

Scam Goddess

True crime comedy without all the murder

What Did You Do?

With a goal to entertain, but also inform and facilitate conversations about the criminogenic and socioeconomic factors that can cause people to turn to crime and violence.

Misdemenoir Podcast

Three black women with a thing for true crime.

Crime Noir

Crime Noir is an authentic attempt to replace misinformation and speculation with a dedication to truth as well as rectify exclusion with the re-examination of cases all but forgotten and swept aside.