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Write Your Story

I’m not good at many things, but one thing I will humble brag about is my ability to give good gifts. I love giving gifts, maybe because receiving gifts is my love language, and I want to provide that joy for someone else. Making someone happy by giving them a gift I picked out makes me just as happy as if I received the gift myself. 

However, everyone isn’t good at giving gifts, and some people hate giving gifts. That could be because persons often make the mistake of thinking that giving a gift is about the amount of money spent. But who wants an expensive gift they don’t even like? Sometimes the gift you spend the least amount of money on ends up being some of the best gifts you can give. I’m always on a budget, and I still manage to make it work. 

Another reason why I think it is so hard to give gifts is sometimes we don’t listen to each other. Persons usually leave hints on the gifts they want without realizing they are giving those hints. 

However, as I said, I like giving gifts. So my gift to you right now is to tell you about one of the easiest gifts to give to someone you care about. 

Book By You.

If you ever had the urge to star in your own story or read a book about a character based on you. Now you can. Book By You has to be the most amazing gift idea for bookworms. 

As a fellow bookworm, when I read a book, I often imagine myself in the story. What I didn’t realize was there was a way to be in a story; a real story, where you are the main character.

How to Make it Happen

Book by You is a company that creates personalized novels where you provide the names, characteristics, and pictures to create the story; your story, and you even get to choose your genre.

Book by You has romance, the steamy stuff, and even a twist on the classics. What I am most excited about is the Mystery genre. As a true crime geek, I am obsessed with reading about myself solving crime. 

Who is Book By You For?

The adults aren’t the only ones that get to have all of the fun. Book by You also has books for children and teens. 

There are also books specifically for couples that would be such a cute gift for a wedding or anniversary present. 

How it Works

If you want to try it out for yourself, you can visit their website and choose a free sample of any of the genres they have. 

You enter the names of the characters and include some of their characteristics. Then, when you are reading, you get to read about the person you created. 

Books by Book By You are available in ebook format, but they are also available in paperback and hardback, giving you the option to provide this special gift in physical form. 

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